Accunia completes re-issue of Accunia European CLO I B.V.

16.05.2019 – Accunia announces a successful closing 15th May 2019 of a re-issue of the “Accunia European CLO I B.V.”. The deal was upsized with EUR 55 million to a new total of EUR 477 million.

“Accunia European CLO I B.V.” from 4th August 2016 is the first of three European collateralized loan obligations ( “CLO’s” ) issued by Accunia. Including the re-issue, Accunia manages EUR 1.2 billion in total through its CLO-issuance.

“The weighted average cost of debt in the CLO is reduced by more than 40 basis points, which improves the economics for equity investors significantly. We are very pleased with that,” says Mads Romild, CIO of Accunia. “Further, we have started the preparations for a fourth CLO,” he adds

“Accunia is grateful for the support of both existing and new investors. We are a fully specialized credit house delivering internationally competitive CLO issues, based on strong performance and excellent client support,” says Henrik Nordby Christensen, CEO of Accunia.

The CLO-notes are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Citigroup arranged the transaction. The seven notes within the CLO are rated from Aaa to B2 by the rating agency Moody’s, with the larger part of the CLO being Aaa.

In September 2017, Accunia launched two funds respectively investing in upper and lower parts of the CLO capital structure. Accunia was established in 2008, has 35 staff members in Denmark and Finland, and a total of EUR 2.0 billion under management.



CEO Henrik Nordby Christensen

+45 3332 7070

Investor Contact:

CIO Mads Romild

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