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Asset management

Accunia is a specialised asset manager focusing on investments in the European credit markets. We offer value to investors principally by giving access to markets which are normally reserved for professional investors.


Alternative investment funds

Accunia offers a palette of  alternative investment funds (AIFs). Each fund gives investors access to each their area of the European credit markets. We want to facilitate access to attractive parts of the European credit market, which is normally reserved for professional investors. No other Danish AIFs provide access to these markets today. The investment space requires insight and experience, which Accunia has amassed since the company was founded in 2009. The funds offer a higher return than traditional investments with the same credit risk.

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Institutional investors

Accunia has offered asset management solutions to institutional investors since 2009. Through the past years we have seen how investors increasingly are seeking exposure to private debt more broadly and the European loan market specifically. We offer fund based and bespoke solutions to fit the relevant investment mandate.

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Managed accounts

A number of family offices and high net-worth individuals has managed accounts with Accunia. It was Accunia’s original area of business and remains an important part of our identity. Since the company was founded in 2009, the return to managed accounts has been 8.6% annually*, equivalent to an accumulated return of 254.3%.

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*Past returns are no indicator for future returns.

CLO management

Accunia has invested in CLOs since 2009. Since 2016, we have also managed CLOs. Today we manage 4 CLOs for predominantly European institutional investors.

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