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Accunia offers a wide selection of investment funds that grants access to a complex part of the European credit market


Alternative investment funds (AIFs)

Accunia offers a wide palette of alternative investment funds. Each with its own strategy in the European credit markets.



Investment Grade




High Yield


*As of 27/03/2024. Based on Accunia's models and assumptions. Contact us for more information.

Attractive investment opportunities

Accunia’s alternative investment funds (AIFs) create value for investors by giving access to parts of the European credit markets, normally reserved for professional investors. Our investment process focuses on analysing underlying credit risk, while seeking additional returns due to regulatory, complexity and liquidity premia, which we believe are particularly attractive for long-term investors.

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Lower regulatory burden

Banks and insurance companies are among the largest investors in the European credit market but are subject to regulation making it less attractive to hold certain assets. Consequently, these investors demand higher returns on such assets, which is why these assets typically give an additional return compared to other assets with comparable credit risk.

Experts only

The complexity of our investment universe often restrict large parts of the market to participate in the attractive opportunities we find. We believe that expertise will create value. Therefore, we have put together a team of specialists in the European credit space, which allows us to invest in complex parts of the credit markets, offering better risk-adjusted returns.

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Patience pays off

More liquid assets are easier to trade than less liquid assets. A difference which is amplified in periods of market turbulence. That is why less liquid assets yield a higher return. The illiquidity premium benefit patient investors.

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