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Investment process

Potential investments go through our in-depth investment process.


Investment process

Through access to the European credit markets we are continually exposed to new investment opportunities. We undertake a thorough fundamental credit analysis, where the ultimate goal is to preserve principal and obtain a satisfactory return. The credit analysis must be approved by the investment committee before the asset is purchased. After investing, the investment committee receives continual updates on the performance of the asset.

Access to the market

At Accunia, we search for new investments in the primary and secondary market. Over the past almost 15 years, we have built a significant network of investment banks, brokers and other investors through our participation in the European credit market.

Fundamental credit analysis

We undertake an in-depth analysis of each potential investment, considering relevant attributes such as the industry, business model and the management team. We run both a base case and a stressed scenario relating to the company's performance and economic outlook. Furthermore, we perform an analysis of relevant documentation, covenants and security liens. All investments must live up to Accunia’s ESG standards.

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Approval & execution

Investments and investment strategies are approved by the investment committee as applicable. All investment decisions are taken under the relevant restrictions and guidelines. Our policies ensure the best and most efficient trade execution to the benefit of our investors. 

Monitoring & risk management

We continuously monitor the performance of all investments to gauge whether the risk-return trade off continues to be attractive. This can change due to price movements, investment specific news, macroeconomic events, or new regulations.

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